Navigating the Nexus: How to Handle Sales and Use Tax

Knowing how to deal with the nexus is crucial for any Amazon seller. The consequences for failing to file and collect taxes properly can add up to massive costs, including foreclosure of your business— and it can all be avoided if you make the effort to be informed.

Amazon and Flipkart May Soon Dominate India’s E-Commerce Sector

Amazon and Walmart have generated a press buzz in India’s business news media in their speculated battle for a majority stake in leading Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart. Similar rumors have surfaced in the past, but this time there is significant reason to believe that an official deal is on the horizon.

Amazon Cracking Down On Buying Reviews

Since the update, Amazon’s Community Guidelines state that “creating, modifying, or posting content in exchange for compensation of any kind (including free or discounted products, refunds, or reimbursements) or on behalf of anyone else” is prohibited.

Amazon Shopping App Updates Cater to International Shoppers

Amazon has released a new app feature targeting international customers shopping for U.S. products: the option to shop in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German and Brazilian Portuguese, and the ability to make purchases in 25 different currencies.

Vendors Adapt to the New Amazon Demand Forecast

Amazon Retail Analytics supports vendors looking to understand and streamline their operational performance. A new feature, the Probability Level Demand Forecast, shifts more responsibility onto the vendor to make stocking decisions based on projected demand.