Den’s Hot Dogs


Den's Hot Dogs

Den’s Hot Dogs is a startup founded by three foodies who wanted to package their home-made recipe of the pineapple chutney hot dog in an easy, quick and convenient form. They didn’t sacrifice taste for this endeavor!

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Den’s Hot Dogs is a the perfect solution for those looking to enjoy delicious hot dogs at home without sacrificing quality and convenience. Den, our founder wanted healthy food that his family could prepare quickly even with children in tow so he created this easy recipe which now has become one of America’s favorite snack foods!

Den started out by making just one small change: Instead of using traditional pork as an ingredient like most hot dog recipes do today we used pineapple chutney instead; what was once only meant as garnish on top became our featured flavor throughout each bite because not only does it taste great but its also fulled nutritious too?

You might say “wow” aloud when you find yourself hungry after reading these.

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