Using a clever competitor targeting technique with updated content, niche gym equipment brand dramatically drives conversions and revenue while reducing costs

A brand new sporting goods and gym equipment company was looking to shock their Amazon performance by creating all new-ads and optimized content to quickly drive new sales and increased revenue.


Increase product sales

Increase advertising sales

Increase revenues on product


  • Update product listing with SEO rich content, higher resolution images, infographics, and product video.

  • Introduced an extensive advertising campaign to increase product visibility and revenue.

  • Launched additional products and set up sustainable advertising initiatives to shift the reliance of sales from one item to a more diversified source of revenue.

The Results

  • Grew business by 7.62% year over year profits with ad spend equaling only 9.65% of sales. Factoring in advertising cost, the business remained stable for the year with a projected loss of 36.18% in revenue expected before Lab 916 joined.

  • Launched a brand new product from new listing with zero reviews and outside the top 100 to an all-time high

  • Took two different product lines to market in Q4, generating revenue equaling 3.3% of total sales.

  • In total, we helped the company generate a 51% profit margin after the Amazon, advertising, and agency fees.