An award-winning beauty product decreases ACoS to 20.7% in 30 days

American skin care company is a skincare and beauty company that offers high-quality, luxury-priced products with an American flair. They use premium materials to create their products from the ground up. The company was founded in 2013 by two women who were frustrated with the lack of well researched, quality skincare options available on the market. Their goal is to provide consumers with a holistic approach to wellness through natural ingredients and ethical sourcing practices for both people and planet.

The Approach

This skin care brand came to us with their goals of launching a brand new product line on Amazon. This product had multiple scented variations and was priced higher than the competition because of its luxurious properties.

PPC was being run on autopilot with no expansion beyond automatic campaigns and no bid optimizations.

We took over control of the Amazon PPC campaigns with our software and bid adjustments and immediately were able to decrease their ACoS in 30 days

The Results

We decreased the ACoS over a 6 month period from the 80% ACoS range, which proved to be unprofitable for the seller.

Through the use of day-parting, so that campaigns were not being outbid in the early part of the day, along with bid optimizations to increase and decrease the bid price on daily basis.