Increasing sales for patented product by adding video and brand advertisements

Invented in New York City, this patented hair care tool is a revolutionary styling product that has helped revolutionize the hair care industry. Created by a team of beauty experts and stylists with over 20 years of experience, this one-of-a-kind invention can be used on all types of hair to create any type of style imaginable. The patented formula leaves your locks looking healthy and shiny while providing ultimate control and long lasting hold without leaving any sticky residue on your hands or hair.

The Approach

Using a targeted advertising approach, we were able to 5x the sales of this company selling only 5,595 units to over 40,711 units which accounts for 627.632% increase in sales year over year.

The Results

  • 5x sales in one year

  • Launched a brand new product from new listing with zero reviews and outside the top 100 to an all-time high

  • Launched 4 new SKUs 

  • Increased gross revenue by almost $500,000