Lab 916 Triples Amazon RoAS for Patented Utility Luggage Brand Successfully in the U.S. Market

Brand Background

Patented-luggage brand is a travel equipment company with a uniquely patented luggage device that allows for multiple luggages to be carried with ease by a single person. The idea was already a hit in their local market, and they knew that the next market to dominate was going to be eCommerce starting with Amazon.



This patented luggage brand collaborated with Lab 916 to showcase their awesome connected luggage patent with the goal of increasing traffic to their hero SKUs and guiding users to their awesome mobile-optimized listings that focused on the brand’s luxury styling, colors, and sizes for an all-comprehensive viewing experience.

The strategy was to drive both organic and paid traffic through Amazon PPC – sponsored products, sponsored brands, sponsored video, and Amazon DSP to drive revenue-focused traffic using targeted shopper data on all campaigns.

The increase in paid traffic, naturally increased the organic traffic on the listing as well, eventually becoming nearly 1:1 to paid traffic within their niche on Amazon.

Our Advertising Strategy on Amazon

Prior to working with Lab 916,

Lab 916 planned a 6 month long roadmap with an approved advertising budget to increase brand awareness, as well as drive retargeting campaigns to drive sales with full utilization of all Amazon promotions to aggressively introduce the brand to the market. the brand had spent upwards of $60,000 on paid ads on Amazon and Google with only a 1x return on investment.

This ambitious advertising plan set forth before our partnership, brought little in returns and much in wasted time.

Investing in hefty bids for pop-up placements will also help you swiftly achieve top natural placements. As a result, rather than relying on expensive advertising, more emphasis could eventually be placed on sales generated by organic search results.


Brand Feedback

Company CEO, says:

“Lab 916 successfully triples Amazon ROAS for us in the luggage marketplace. We were excited to work with them because they had a full understanding of the Amazon ROAS region and grow our business like a pro.”

Their Chief Financial Officer, added the following:

“With the help of LAB916 has given us all we need to promote ourselves on the Amazon platform and, also rule over millions of competitors. That framework has them as our commercial partner, and we can say that with confidence.”

skincare ordered items

Get a Piece of the Searching Pie

Lab 916 utilized keyword research and re-wrote the listing copy for the brand’s top variations to increase the amount of keywords naturally indexed by Amazon in the search results, while also increasing the amount of different customer journeys that would lead to them to our luggage-type product

Because of the uniqueness of our product, the customer may try different keywords like “easy to use luggage” or “connectable luggage” or “luggage that straps together” which created multiple opportunities for the brand to capture customer traffic across the spectrum of customer use cases.

Lab 916’s keyword strategy also utilized competitor listings for product listing ads – where we could insert our listing as an advertisement directly on the listings of our competitors to capitalize and take away from the opposing team’s market share.

As organic search results and traffic began climbing, we also saw an increased in performance from the PPC campaigns, as Amazon was then considering our product listings for more placements due to the natural increase in organic traffic. Through this increase in product placement and impressions, we were able to naturally increase to a 3x RoAS per campaign through our strategy. A win-win no matter how you look at it. 

Improving the Customer Experience on the Listing Page

Lab 916 also took creative direction for product photography, videography and more in order to create the most high-resolution and perfectly captured feeling of the luggage brand online. We created a brand new thumbnail series, with 8 unique thumbnails and on-brand product images, combined with interactive A+ Content, video, and Storefront Design – created an impressive brand feel that felt like you were at a physical flagship store of the brand all within the comfort of your Amazon viewing experience.

We were able to showcase all of the unique features of the brand, with high-quality multimedia video and images for highlight.