A superior product and excellent branding has established Natvia as the #1 sweetener in Australia. However, moving into the Amazon space posed some new challenges that Natvia was not equipped to tackle on their own. Amongst these issues was the glaring lack of both A+ content and advertising setup.

Lab 916’s team of experts answered to these shortfalls by crafting customized A+ content for strategically reorganized inventory, as well as setting up an advertising campaign that exercised all three functions of Amazon Marketing Services.


Our first task was to craft A+ content highlighting the unique values and positive ethics of the Natvia brand, filling this valuable space with an opportunity for shoppers to immerse themselves in high-quality, educational content while visiting the product detail page. We then employed all three Amazon Marketing Services to get as many eyes on their newly fleshed-out Amazon presence as possible, monitoring and adjusting continuously to get the best returns on spend.

What we did

Amazon Strategy

Brand Identity

Inventory Management

Store Design

UX + Visual Design

Listing Optimization

Product Sourcing

Packaging Design

Shopify Development