Lab 916 Increased International Skin Care Brand Sales Up to 300% on Amazon

Company Background

Founded in 2013 in Tokyo, Japan – this Japanese skincare brand has slowly been building its reputation in Asia as the go-to staple for minimal and gentle skincare with a zen-approach to the brand. Each of the skincare products from the face wash to the sunscreen has been meticulously crafted to be a force in this market.

The company CEO has led this brand from conquering their local region in Japan, to expanding into Europe and the US via Amazon and their Shopify eCommerce platform.


Increasing your Company Expertise on Amazon = Saving you Time

Creating your own eCommerce division in-house can come at a significant cost and time-spent to train – you need a copywriter, designer, Amazon expert, PPC expert, and a manager to bring it all together easily costing you up to $25k per month to retain all this talent. This does not include the time spent training and managing the team.

Our Amazon expertise at Lab 916 handled the situation brilliantly. With multiple teams supercharging the brand’s internal bandwidth, they were able to get brand registry, launch all new SKU items with updated content, send items into (Fullfilment by Amazon) FBA. We combined client data using our Operational Compliance Dashboard, to detect Amazon penalties in the form of refunds and shortages due to non-compliance.

By the first 60 days, we were able to generate an increase of $105,000.00 in gross receipts on Amazon over 5000+ orders. This is an example of how they recouped their investment with Lab 916 within only 60 days. Yes, that’s right, 60 days.

This success created an inventory storage with the brand’s distribution, along with the trucking issues that Amazon was experiencing, forced us to quickly pivot and respond to change. Lab 916 setup a remote consultation session to train the brand’s internal warehouse team to fulfill FBM orders, and quickly was able to achieve the Seller-Fulfilled Prime credential for the brand’s internal warehouse as they shifted over to FBM as FBA inventory was running out so quickly. With our expert consultation, the brand was able to keep shipping items without missing a beat despite their success turning into a new problem to be solved.

We helped step-by-step about how to label products, how to construct the pallets, what is needed to finalize the FBA shipment, how to print and create labels, how to create your own shipment – everything that the brand needed to revolutionize their own internal shipping process’ and become a more efficient shipping warehouse for their future Amazon and eCommerce endeavors.

“Many brands accomplish a great deal when they are able to switch a majority of their Amazon orders to be FBA. It is even better when the FBA inventory is quickly turns over to match an increase in sales activity on Amazon. Once this brand is experiencing this surge in sales, they are not ready for something like Amazon to be delayed in their FBA re-stocking, which then causes massive problems for the brand as they are no longer in stock for their top selling items. With no contingency plan or strategy in place, hours offline on the platform translates to thousands lost per day.” the Lab 916 team explained.

The Lab 916 method = Success

We successfully added over $105,000 to the bottom line within the first 60 days, while also helping the brand create a whole new shipping process internally. The Lab 916 method that can train your team while also running to lead the top action items to keep the needle moving forward became paramount to the success of the skincare brand.” adds the Lab 916 team.

All of these will help our clients increase their sales activity, increase their revenue and avoid running out of stock on their best sellers.

Lab 916 works as your partner to mimic Amazon’s efficiency within your own company. Ultimately, we’re assisting clients in conforming to Amazon’s very efficient techniques of production on a vast scale, which benefits both the buyer and the seller.

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