Computer brand combines optimized content with software-powered ads with similar audiences to boost Amazon conversion rate by 33%

This computer brand startup had a single SKU for a patented computer product and was looking to increase their sales from their last year.

Our team decided to combine optimized content along with software-powered Amazon bidding to increase their traffic to listings that were designed to convert.

We re-designed all of their listings with new keywords, images, A+ content, along with storefront and software-powered advertising to target all existing customers on Amazon along with competitor items on Amazon.

During the course of the campaign, Lab 916 was able to increase 22% of all traffic and delivered 36% of all conversions. The approach helped computer brand reduce the cost of their advertisements on their traffic with a 40% reduction in costs along with a 300% increase in click-through rate and 99% increase in conversion rate for increased revenue on their listings. 


Increase sales volumes

Improve efficiency of Amazon PPC processes

The Results

Lab 916 advertising campaigns contributed to 47% of all of the new brand sales within 60 day period and 50% of all increased traffic to store listings.

The Lab 916 advertising campaigns drove 70% of total conversions – compared to their previous campaigns, click-through rate increased by 235%, cost per acquisition decreased by 53% and conversion rate increased by 59%

Overall sales increased 14.5%, click-through rate grew by 45% and conversion rate increased by 33%

We are already on track to doing surpassing last year with the same amount of SKUs.