Skin care brand gets over 10,000 new visitors to Amazon storefront for sales of $38,540.96 in a 30 day period on launch.

This brand is a part of a larger portfolio that also includes skin care lines geared towards sensitive skins with strict ingredient lists.

This brand features products that are are all natural, non-toxic and absolutely vegan. They use only high quality ingredients sourced from around the world without any animal testing or cruel testing.



The Goals

  • Get items approved and launched for FBA since items required HAZMAT clearance due to liquid
  • Setup new listings with optimized thumbnails and keyword copy
  • Design new A+ content for the brand
  • Build new storefront and launch Sponsored Brands ads on competitor keywords for launch
  • Setup new PPC campaigns for all new products

Using fully optimized Amazon assets we empowered the skincare brand to discover and create valuable new conversion focused assets for their Amazon listing. We used their YouTube channel audiences to target users likely to be interested in their products as well as their competitor products through ASIN-level competitor targeting in advertising. We then used our advertising software to optimize the bid prices on a hourly basis based on the most popular shopping times to keep advertising within budget at all times. Search Ads 360 allowed them to create further audiences based on users’ previous keyword searches.

Our methods of finding the right customers and serving relevant ads at scale paid off; this skincare brand was able to increased reach among their target by 19% and saw almost $40,000 in sales on their storefront launch.

The Results

Year 2 for this business with the help of Lab 916 – we were able to double the sales with the same exact product lineup from their previous year with optimized content and an overhauled advertising strategy. We were able to double sales 8 months into the year and have not even recorded Q4 sales yet which we are aiming to be their highest ever.