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Boost Shopper Conversion with Buy with Prime

Join us for a webinar to get an inside look at a new way to convert shoppers with real-world examples. Join us on Wed, Aug 9, 2023 10AM – 11AM PDT 

We’ll install Buy with Prime Button at no cost for all webinar attendees. 

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Lab916 Hybrid Amazon & Shopify Strategy

37 Installations with 4.9

We are excited to announce that Lab916 has become a Buy with Prime Partner! This means that we can provide our knowledge and skills to assist you in expanding your e-commerce business in a fresh approach. Our team has come up with a hybrid method for Shopify and Amazon by integrating the “Buy with Prime” button into our customers’ Shopify stores, resulting in improved conversion rates and increased sales.

Increase Sales on Shopify

Increase Perceived value

Attract Amazon shoppers with the trust of Prime and convert more Prime members with fast, free delivery and a checkout experience that millions of shoppers love.

Increase Customer Data

Convert Prime Members

Boost your Shopify sales by up to 25% with the Buy with Prime Button integration. Easily access order information to improve your shopper conversion.

FBA Inventory

Reduce FBA Inventory

With the Buy with Prime sellers can use Amazon’s comprehensive logistics infrastructure. This results in streamlined order fulfillment and a decrease in inventory on FBA.

How to get Started with Lab916?

Let’s do a quick walkthrough of the installation of the Buy with Prime button by Lab916.

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Step 1

Signup for Buy with Prime

It takes 10mins to sign up for the buy with the prime program. Once you sign up, you will need to link your Amazon Seller Central account and Amazon Pay account.

Step 2

Permission Settings

We will require permissions for Lab916 to perform code installations, map ASIN and SKU on your Shopify, and test the product page on and buy with Prime Console.

We offer tutorials that can guide you in navigating through the portal. Lab916 will help you to import your current Amazon product catalog data and authorize Amazon to handle your Buy with Prime orders.


Step 3

Lab916 Installs Widget Code

The Lab916 development team will install the following items on your Shopify platform.

Completing the Buy with Prime widget setup and testing will require approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Step 4

Buy with Prime Console

Explore the Console Buy with Prime feature, your comprehensive portal for managing orders, syncing new products, processing returns, accessing promotions, analyzing data, and optimizing marketing strategies.

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Buy with Prime is the No-Brainer
That makes all the difference

Before and After Installation



Frequently Asked Questions

Lab916 offers a free installation of the Buy with Prime Widget, and we will guide you through the process at no cost.

To ensure everything is working correctly, it may take up to two days to install the Buy with Prime Widget. The installation process takes about 2 to 3 hours.

In order to install Buy with Prime, it is necessary to have access to both the Prime console and the Shopify store. Without access to both of these platforms, it will not be possible to install Buy with Prime.

At Lab916, we have a team of developers who can assist you with any coding issues, particularly if you have installed Buy with Prime and it is not functioning properly. Our rate for bug fixes on your Shopify is $150 per hour.

Discover how to implement the Buy with Prime Button on your website to create a hybrid strategy for your DTC and Amazon business by booking a meeting with Lab916.