Bunzee Bands


Bunzee Bands

We all know the feeling of tying your hair before heading out, but did you realize that this tradition dates back centuries and is shared by women across different shapes and sizes? Women get frustrated with holds for their Afros or kinky textures. That’s why we made bunzee bands: because every woman deserves pain-freeholds!

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Bunzee Bands are the world’s comfiest hair ties and a revolutionary new way to hold your mane. Not only do they protect from tangles, but also heat damage with their patented design that prevents pulling or tugging on hairs all day long! You’ll never have to worry about your hair again! With our delicately woven cushions, you can get long bob without worrying about damage and breakage. Plus they’re so tough that even after being washed over 6 months or more Bunzees will retain their elasticity- now that’s durable!!

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