Amazon Troubleshooting
& Consulting

We are one of the few agencies in business to offer this unique troubleshooting service – if you are stuck on how to solve a particular account issue then it may be the right time to let our expert troubleshooting team take over your support issues and fix them.

Have you run into any of the following issues below?

Why is an Amazon troubleshooting important?

If you do not have experience identifying or fixing Amazon issues, then you will most likely be spending a lot of back and forth time with Amazon Seller Support while your listing is shut down – this means you’ll be losing money every single day that you are unable to get your listing back.

Using our team’s experience, we can help you quickly troubleshoot your account issues in order to get your business back to healthy status and selling to your peak.

How we troubleshoot

If your issue is not listed here, that does not mean we cannot fix it - please reach out

How we charge

Your time is better spent working on your business than in your business.

Our Key Focus Areas

We focus on the following areas in our troubleshooting service:

What to expect?

Every single troubleshooting project will be different based on the complexity and history of the issue. Typically, we will gain access to your account first, via user permissions, then begin our troubleshooting process by cataloging your issues.


Our on-demand troubleshooting retainer is the ultimate service for Amazon businesses that are simply unable to resolve their specific account issue.

Every moment that passes while waiting for Amazon to fix your listing, is money being wasted as you are not actively selling.

The Lab 916 Amazon troubleshooting service resolves this issue for you and fixes your listing problems quickly.

Amazon Troubleshooting

Use-whenever troubleshooting hours to fix your Amazon issues
$ 150 per hour
  • Service begins immediately after onboarding
  • All Amazon account issues can be resolved with this service

Frequently Asked Questions

We can fix issues with: brand registry, brand name, A+ content upload, listing suppression, listing suspension, FBA shipments, seller account, seller performance, writing POAs, uploading products, UPC errors, and more. If you are unsure if your problem falls under these categories, feel free to reach out for a custom quote.

We require a one hour deposit of $150 to begin onboarding and investigating your account issue. We will also attempt to fix the issue within the first hour after investigating. 

For less complex Amazon troubleshooting errors – sometimes one hour is all that is needed to fix your error. In the event that we require more time, we will let you know in advance before we move on any further. All projects billed after this will be at $100 per hour until problem is resolved. 

We do not charge for frivolous things like: time to respond to your e-mail, or time to pick up a phone call. We believe in fair pricing and only charge based on the amount of time we spend working with Amazon Seller Support to resolve your problem.

If for any reason we cannot resolve your account error, we will gladly refund your entire deposit fee.