The Ultimate Amazon Product Photography Guide: Best Practices in 2024

If you’ve been looking for a guide on product photography for Amazon, you’ve come to the right place! In the vast world of e-commerce, many items share similar looks and features. To stand out and boost sales, it’s essential to craft captivating, top-notch product images.

Whether you sell on Amazon or offer photography services to e-commerce, this guide gives you the 2024 essentials for successful product photos.

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details, let’s first understand why product photography is critical for Amazon’s success.

Why is Amazon Product Photography Important?

Amazon product photos serve several key purposes, some of which include:

1. Buyer Impressions:

amazon product photography buyers impressions

One of the most influential factors for buyers when comparing products is the visual representation in images. Let’s take a look at some factors that contribute to buyer impressions. 

  • The Power of Visual Appeal: Product images offer the first, and most impactful, impression of a product, tapping into the visual nature of human cognition. Where appealing visuals are processed quickly and remembered longer. 
  • Image Composition and Quality: Framing, background, and lighting are all crucial elements for creating images that stand out to the human eye. Framing, when done right, draws immediate focus to the product, while a clean background eliminates distractions, enhancing its appeal. The correct lighting will highlight details and colors, and help convey quality to buyers.

2. Building Trust and Credibility:

Good product photography makes a huge impact on establishing your brand and the quality of a product. Let’s take a look at how it can achieve that.

  • Conveying Professionalism Through Photography: Having clear, high-resolution images on Amazon creates a professional appeal that ultimately builds trust and credibility. Customers often equate the quality of the image with the quality of the product.
  • Consistency in Image Style: Maintaining consistency in the style and quality across all product images is vital for building brand recognition. It creates a more uniform appeal, making your listings more trustworthy on Amazon. 

3. Facilitating Informed Purchasing Decisions:

Let’s take a look at how product images drive customer interest and conversions in a crowded digital marketplace.

  • Detailed Visual Representation: High-resolution images reveal intricate details, textures, and the true quality of a product. Such clarity allows customers to closely inspect and appreciate the finer aspects.
  • Angles and Zoom-In Features: Good product photography for Amazon uses multiple angles and zoom-in options to provide a comprehensive view, allowing customers to explore the product from all sides to understand its dimensions and design better.
  • Lifestyle and Contextual Images: Including lifestyle shots of your product in use is key for customer engagement. These images help potential buyers visualize the product in their own lives, demonstrating its practicality and appeal in real-world settings.

Now that we understand why Amazon product photography is a crucial part of making online sales, let’s delve into the best practices to create compelling product images.

Best Practices for Amazon Product Photography

In 2024, Amazon’s marketplace is more competitive than ever. Check out some of these best practices, to help you excel:

1. Capture High-Resolution Images

High-resolution images enable customers to closely examine the finer details of your products, enhancing their shopping experience and potentially reducing the rate of returns due to unmet expectations. To capture high-resolution images, you’ll need a high-quality camera or smartphone that can shoot in high res at 300 PPI or more. 

2. Get Multiple Angles and Views

amazon product photography
Capture HQ Get Multiple Angles

Offering multiple images from different angles and perspectives of your product creates a comprehensive visual presentation that allows customers to gain a fuller understanding of the product. When doing your product shots, make sure to get close-up shots and various perspective images that highlight specific features and functionalities of the product.

3. Use White Backgrounds

Amazon has a rule of using a pure white background for the main product images. A clean, white background helps in minimizing distractions, ensuring that the product remains the focal point of the image. This requirement not only aligns with Amazon’s guidelines but also creates a professional and consistent look across product listings and it gives designers more freedom when it comes to editing photos later.

4. Use Lifestyle Images

amazon product photography: use lifestyle images

Incorporating lifestyle images that depict the product in use is highly beneficial. Without lifestyle product shots, you will rely on Photoshop which feels and looks less authentic. Match lifestyle images to your target audience, to allow potential buyers to visualize the product in real-life scenarios.

5. Include Product Size Reference

Including a size reference in your product images, such as an object commonly known for its size or a measuring tool, provides customers with an accurate sense of the product’s dimensions. Accurately representing the size of the product is crucial in managing customer expectations and reducing the likelihood of returns due to size discrepancies.

6. Maintain Consistent Branding

amazon product photography: Maintain Consistent Branding

Maintaining a consistent image style across all your product listings is key to establishing a recognizable brand identity. This consistency in branding through photography should align with your overall brand identity, creating a cohesive and recognizable presence on Amazon. 

Consistent branding in your imagery not only enhances brand recognition but also instills a sense of trust and reliability in potential customers.

7. Optimize for Mobile

Considering the significant number of users who shop on mobile devices, optimizing images for mobile viewing is essential. This involves ensuring that images retain their quality on smaller screens and load quickly to accommodate the mobile user experience. Optimizing for mobile is not just about maintaining image quality; it’s about adapting to the browsing habits of a large segment of the Amazon customer base.

8. Image SEO

amazon product photography: image SEO

Optimizing image file names and alt text with relevant keywords is a critical aspect of improving your products’ discoverability within Amazon’s search algorithm. Effective image SEO enhances visibility and searchability, leading to increased traffic and sales. 

The strategic use of keywords in your image SEO efforts can significantly impact the discoverability of your products, making them more accessible to potential customers browsing the platform.

9. Editing and Post-Production Best Practices

Editing and Post Production Best Practices

In photo editing, it’s best to aim for vibrant but realistic images that accurately represent the product, while also ensuring compliance with Amazon’s guidelines. Proper balance and color correction are key to maintaining authenticity and appeal.

We know that was a lot. But from all that, here are our top tips for creating standout product images.

  • Focus on clarity and simplicity.
  • Shoot in high-res to maintain detail even when scaled down.
  • Shoot low ISO to reduce noise.
  • Use bright, even lighting to bring out key features without shadows or glare. 
  • Use multiple angles and composition options to highlight the product.
  • Close-up shots are ideal to highlight a product’s main attributes.

*Remember, in a small format, less is more.

Now that you know best practices and our top tips, let’s focus on the actual requirements for Amazon product images.

Amazon Image Requirements

Adherence to Amazon’s specific guidelines for product images is crucial. These guidelines cover a range of criteria including image size, resolution, and background stipulations. 

Here are some requirements from Amazon:

  • Size: Main images must be at least 1,600 pixels on the longest side. Maximum size can go up to 10,000 pixels.
    *Recommended Amazon image ratio is 1:1, typically 2,000 x 2,000 pixels.
  • Format: Use JPEG (preferred), TIFF, PNG, or GIF formats. 
  • Color: Images should be in RGB or CMYK color mode, with a pure white background.
  • Product Representation: Products should occupy at least 85% of the image frame. The main images must show the entire product, with no cut-offs. Professional photos of the actual product are required.
  • Flexibility for Additional Images: Secondary images can be more creative, including lifestyle shots and different product angles.
  • Naming Conventions: Follow specific naming conventions using product identifiers like ASIN, EAN and ISBN-13, without spaces or dashes, and appropriate file extensions like .jpg.

Adhering to these requirements is crucial to the health of your listings and minimizes the potential of getting them flagged or removed, which can become a costly setback. If you need help achieving this professional standard and ensuring your images meet Amazon’s strict guidelines, consider leveraging professional photography services. 

Professional Product Photography Services

Using professional product photography services can be a real-time lifesaver. Professional photographers or specialized agencies bring a wealth of knowledge in lighting, composition, and post-processing. 

Their expertise ensures that your product images not only meet the high standards of Amazon. Online retail in general also stands out in a crowded marketplace. Professional product photography allows you to skip the guesswork and trial and error process. Their understanding of current trends and the ability to create images that resonate deeply with your target audience can (literally) place your products above the rest. Not to mention, good product photography for Amazon makes a great foundation for optimization and design work to flourish. 


With all that said, there’s no question that exceptional product photography for Amazon is a game-changer. By implementing the tips and practices outlined in this guide or enlisting professional product photography services, you can create stunning images that draw customers in, build trust, and drive conversions. 

If you’re looking to succeed on Amazon in 2024, investing in high-quality Amazon product photography is a must. Are you ready to take your Amazon product photography to the next level this year? Get started today and watch your sales soar!

Adhering to all of Amazon’s guidelines and exceeding the expectations of potential buyers can be overwhelming to some businesses. That’s why Lab 916 offers a game-changing solution – our Product Images for Amazon service. Take the stress out of optimizing your visuals and ensure your products make an unforgettable first impression.

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