Amazon Listing Optimization Service

Before you begin investing your advertising dollars into extra marketing or expanding your product line, you should take a step back and think about your own existing product lineup and if they need an Amazon listing optimization service to ensure that they are the highest and most professional. The reason why an Amazon listing optimization service performed by a professional or agency is so important is simply because of the fact that your Amazon listing is the first set of branded media that your potential customer will see first. If your listing is not optimized, then why should your seller ever believe that you have a quality product or if your product is even the right product for them.


The first step in your Amazon listing optimization service is to make sure that you have a good keyword research process in place. Using tools like Helium10 or JungleScout, you can identify the low hanging keywords which may not be the most competitive but also have a decent amount of search volume. The key here is to look for long tail keywords which are more exact to your customer’s search queries – this is the difference between “windshield cover” and “windshield cover for Toyota Camry 2019 XLE” which is a more exact keyword phrase and will result in less competition and be easier to rank for. Try to rank for these shorter keywords instead of the long tail ones so that you will have a chance to actually appear in the search results instead of trying to appear for the most difficult ones.


Utilize these keywords as the basis for your entire listing: from writing the title, bullet points, thumbnail copy, enhanced brand content copy, you need to make sure that you are using language that is not only searchable, but relevant to your product so that you have the most professional listing possible. Once your keywords are dialed in, the next step here is to focus on your content and media assets so that the visual part of your Amazon listing optimization service is as professional and top notch as possible.


Do not overcomplicate the process for yourself and take it one step at a time in your customer’s journey from searching for your product into actually finding your product and purchasing. Imagine you are searching for a certain car part to quickly fix your vehicle – lets say it’s a windshield cover for your Toyota Camry. You enter in your search query for the exact product and you find a full page of literally identical main thumbnails. Consider which one you are drawn to first.

Amazon Listing Optimization Service by Lab 916


When you realize that the main thumbnail is the most important aspect to your customer’s interaction with your product, you will now understand the importance of making sure that your main thumbnail accurately describes and visually showcases who you are trying to sell your product to. If you are buying a windshield cover for your Toyota Camry, you will most likely be drawn to the main thumbnail image that shows your exact vehicle in the main thumbnail. You probably do not want to deal with the hassle of trying to figure out if this windshield cover fits your car or fits the year of your car or even worse – you probably do not want to buy the windshield only to wait a few days to find out it is the wrong one for your car.

Now that you have the customer inside your listing and ready to possibly purchase – you want to make sure that you eliminate all sense of doubt from your customer possibly turning away from your product. Consider that your customer is probably shopping on mobile and will most likely ignore or not read all the way through your bullets to find out if your product is right for them. They may just go through the images to quickly find out the information that they need. If your thumbnails only show and do not tell then you may find your customer quickly leaving your unoptimized listing because of the fact that their questions are not answered.

Why do you need a Amazon listing optimization service applied to your account? What difference does it make to your account and business? What does an optimized Amazon listing look like in terms of the way the thumbnails are setup? Take a look at the image examples below:


Amazon Listing Optimization Service by Lab 916

This first thumbnail not only shows you the quality of the product and the details of your package, but this thumbnail also accomplishes by showing you the diagram of the exact height and width of the product so you can measure if it will fit your car. This thumbnail also takes it step further by also showing you other vehicles that the windshield shade will fit which helps you further identify if this is the right product for you.


Amazon Listing Optimization Service by Lab 916


Moving into the second thumbnail set, you will then see that this product takes it a step further by showing you the pros and cons of having this product in your car versus if you do not. This creates an emotional desire for your product now because your customer can totally see, feel and imagine what it would be like to have the windshield cover versus if they do not have it. Remember – you will sell your product based on emotions, not on words or other means.

Amazon Listing Optimization Service by Lab 916


The next important step to go towards having a full Amazon listing optimization service to your account is to make sure that you utilize the enhanced brand content section of your listing. Enhanced brand content is only available to sellers and accounts with brand registry 2.0 access. Take advantage if you do have a trademark for your business because enhanced brand content is tested to increase conversion rates by up to 30%. The information you put in your enhanced brand content to create a fully optimized listing does not always have to be about your product specifically but would be a good place to begin discussing your brand, history, or any extra supplemental information to really complete the look and feel of a professional brand instead of a simple reseller of rebranded goods from overseas.

These are just some of the many steps you can take to ensure that you have a professional Amazon listing optimization service applied to your account. Remember that your Amazon business, storefront and listing should be treated exactly like a professional business and should have the look, feel and refined assets that give it that top quality feeling. Your customers are not able to see, touch, or actually test your products so your Amazon listing in its fully optimized form is the best chance for you to win over your customer and keep them converting to your product.