Amazon Keyword Optimization

Amazon Keyword Optimization

Amazon SEO is crucial to your sales bottom line. It does not matter how well branded, perfectly priced your products are, or how appealing they are to buyers – if they can’t find them.

But it’s different than normal SEO and requires knowledge of how Amazon work and attention to when it changes its ranking algorithms

What is Amazon Keyword or SEO Optimization?

Our most popular service is the Amazon Listing Optimization with Keyword Research and Copywriting which is the backbone of every single product success on Amazon. Every search on Amazon begins with a keyword search – the keywords that your customer uses to find your product is unique to Amazon, as people on the platform are searching with very strong buyer intent.

Our team has access to the largest library of Amazon keywords including real-time buyer searches that we use to build you the perfect title, bullet points, and backend keyword inventory details to ensure that your product has the most relevant and currently searched keywords of your customers.

We also research your competitors to identify the keywords that they are ranking for, and use this as the basis to find their shortcomings on their listing.

Why is an Amazon Keyword Optimization important?

If you send traffic to product listings that lack compelling visuals or copy, shoppers won’t convert. Our content strategists write copy that’s optimized for both the Amazon search algorithm and consumers, resulting in high product placement and strong conversion rates. 
Lab 916’s Amazon Optimization Services will create a listing that will appeal to both Amazon and its shoppers. Our expert Amazon Listing Copywriters creates precisely crafted compelling content, using sales inducing language to make sure the maximum of your prospective buyers are converted into sales. We then incorporate the most important and sales-driving keywords to maximize visibility and traffic.

The Listing Optimization Process

1. Keyword Research

Creative Copywriting

2. Blending SEO with Creative

Amazon Expertise

3. Upload and tracking

Our Key Focus Areas

We focus your new keyword optimization in the following areas:

What to expect?

Your listing optimization is delivered within 5 business days of your purchase. When you buy an Amazon listing optimization from Lab 916, we will reach out to you within 24 hours after e-mail to get account access, begin onboarding then your new team at Lab 916 will take lead here to complete your keyword optimization process along with one hour of free upload time. Your listing will be keyword optimized and we can begin building our partnership with next steps.


Pricing simplified.

Amazon Keyword Optimization

To refresh and optimize your keyword rankings on one Amazon listing


One-time fee per ASIN

Frequently Asked Questions

A member of Lab 916 will reach out to you via e-mail to begin getting account access and client permissions to your account. Once confirmed that we have proper permissions, we will take care of the rest and begin researching and building your new account plan.

We will need at a minimum:

  • Seller central account access
  • Admin permissions on certain views
  • Access to your 3rd party software if needed
For example, my product has different colors, sizes, graphics, pack-size, styles, scents, etc. They are the same product, but a little bit different. Glass cups or ceramic cups, they are both cups
If your product variations are similar in style and would use the similar types of keywords, we can usually accomodate and bill as one job. There may be a surcharge depending on the complexity of your variation which we will discuss with you prior to the start of the project.

Yes, our Amazon copywriting team will make sure that we infuse both the most relevant Amazon keywords to your product, your competitor keywords and to use these keywords to describe your product in your brand’s voice.

Yes, as part of our agency onboarding process, we intake your brand materials and descriptions, also looking at your current Amazon listing, your marketplace niche, your closest competitors, and work backwards to create optimized keyword copywriting for your listing.

Yes, we will perform the first upload on your listing. If there are backend catalog issues or previous legacy account problems that prevent the upload – we can happily work on fixing your backend issues via our Amazon Support Troubleshooting service.

The Lab uses our own customized approval process where our team works with you to ensure your approval. In the unlikely event that you request drafts, we will certainly assist you. Our goal is to make sure that your optimized listing is setup efficiently so you can begin to reap the benefits of organic traffic and higher conversion rates faster.