Amazon Image Optimization

Your customer’s first interaction with your Amazon begins with your product thumbnails and images. From the image dimensions, the quality of the photography, to the infographics-embedded in your thumbnails – make sure you are investing in all 3 aspects of your Amazon images.

What is Amazon image optimization?

When your product images optimized, your mobile customers can have both the look and feel of your branding while also being able to easily understand the unique product features and benefits without reading.

We define image optimization as the art of crafting conversion-focused product thumbnail images following your main thumbnail image. By adding in carefully crafted copy, along with custom design per image, we can create an enjoyable customer experience as seen below:

Why is Amazon image optimization important?

Your main thumbnail pictures are the most single underrated component of your Amazon success. They say that the customer eats with their eyes first, and this proves to be true on the Amazon platform as the images take up the most dominant real estate in both mobile and desktop.

By focusing on mobile-first image optimization, your business can adjust to the future of shopping as 47% of Amazon customers are now using their mobile devices to shop, and more than half of all internet shopping occurs on a mobile device.

How we do it

1. Planning and research

Bringing it to life

2. Design and copy

Making it live

3. Upload to Amazon

Our Key Focus Areas

We focus your image optimization project with the following emphasis:

What to expect?

You will receive a branded thumbnail set of 7 unique images that can be used for your Amazon listing to increase brand equity and conversion rate.

Our team will provide one-hour of uploading time to also upload images to your listing.

Your Amazon image optimization will be delivered to you in a .zip package through e-mail. We will also host a copy of your images in our cloud server. 


Your main value with this product is the ability to utilize our team to create a custom branded image thumbnail set.

The quality of your images is directly related to your customer’s perception of the quality of your product so you want to make sure you have the best photography and graphic design content.

Our service combines 8 years of expertise across every Amazon category to bring you the most conversion-focused thumbnail design for your Amazon business.

Amazon Image Optimization

7 unique thumbnails per ASIN
$ 1000 One-time fee for custom image creation
  • You will receive 7 unique product thumbnail images per purchase
  • All designs are custom-created by our in-house Amazon experts
  • You will receive your image optimization in 5 business days

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually request high quality .JPG images of the product in at least 2000x2000px against a white background.

If you do not have photos or would like to refresh the quality of your images, you can contact us for a custom photography quote.

Yes, our team will design custom infographics for your listing.

Each unique ASIN will receive 7 new unique product thumbnails with a custom branded design for optimization.

Most brands come to us with a distinct brand identity (color, logos, brand voice) in place – in the event that you do not have these, we will happily work with you to help you quickly develop a brand identity to go to market on Amazon as quick as possible.

We typically charge a per variation fee per product of $ and will work with you on a strategy to keep costs low for variations.

What happens if my product has multiple variations? For example, my product has different colors, sizes, graphics, pack-size, styles, scents, etc. They are the same product, but a little bit different. Glass cups or ceramic cups, they are both cups

Yes, as we work on your listings, our design and copywriting team work together to develop custom images and written descriptions (copywriting) for your product thumbnails. This helps create an engaging story for your customer as they scroll through your product images.