Amazon FBA Consulting & Optimization

Lab 916 FBA Consulting and Optimization for Amazon

What is FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) means that Amazon will warehouse and ship your items to buyers. Enrolling in FBA is the easiest way to get the all-important Prime badge to appear on your listing

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How does FBA help your brand and sales?

Having a Prime Badge will elevate your business and have an advantage on your competitors

We know this sounds too good to be true, and it is. Our team of experts will help and guide you every step of your FBA journey.

We offer a diverse and integral set of services for FBA that will save you time and setbacks

Our team has access to the largest library of Amazon keywords including real-time buyer searches that we use to build you the perfect title, bullet points, and backend keyword inventory details to ensure that your product has the most relevant and currently searched keywords of your customers.

We also research your competitors to identify the keywords that they are ranking for, and use this as the basis to find their shortcomings on their listing.

FBA Design and Implementation

We will create project listings (ASINs) based on the guidelines that are compliant for FBA and make sure all the information is correct. This will entail documents and packaging design, which includes things like size, weight and labeling that are crucial for your FBA success. We also ensure proper Logistic’s for Amazon Supply Chain

FBA Fees and Optimization

If you have been utilizing FBA.Lab 916 will audit your FBA fees. Amazon has many hidden fees which are not easily viewable from Seller Central. Using API access, Lab 916 can get more granular fee data to determine what your lowest costs should be, and negotiate these fees on your behalf. Amazon will commonly misclassify weights and sizes and so all listings should be checked and compared against FBA shipments

FBA Projections and Availability

Lab 916 will make sure your products have FBA availability and that there are no barriers to enroll.We will also perform a profitability projection since FBA takes additional fees over and above Amazon’s standard fees. We can predict, with good accuracy, what your margin and total return will be after enrollment. We can also assist in enrollment in specialized programs for certain types of items with lower fees.

Stock and Inventory Optimization

How many products should you have in stock – what is too much, and what is too little? When is the perfect time to restock? Amazon charges long-term storage fees. A lot of businesses use Amazon as their primary warehouse, which can be very cost-ineffective when not actively managed. Lab 916 examines sales velocity and derives a safe and effective inventory plan to ensure the best possible return through the FBA programs.

Fulfillment Strategy Recommendation

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM), Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), Multi- Channel Fulfillment (MCF), Third Party Logistics (3PL)? We’ll review all of the options for fulfillment of your products and help to determine the best solution. We’ll examine your volume and costs and recommend a plan that makes the most financial sense for your business

Key Focus Areas

  • Get the Prime Badge on your listing

  • Grow your business. Amazon users are more than twice as likely to purchase

    an item with the Prime Badge

  • Whether you already use FBA or are new to this process we will help you every

    step of the way, so you can save time on setbacks or challenges

  • We will make sure your products are compliant with FBA and create a

    profitability projection