Amazon Account Audit

Our Amazon account audit and strategy creation service was produced from our experience and our proven ability to grow your Amazon business. With the amount of static across Amazon news and strategies, we save you time and money by diagnosing early account issues only our account Amazon account symptoms to prevent you from wasting your time and money on unproven strategy. 

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Why is an Amazon account audit important?

Your level of competition on Amazon is always learning and living inside of the Amazon space which enables their growth on Amazon. In order for your business to be successful on Amazon, like any business, your goal is to consistently improve on processes and systems within your business. We use this thinking to apply growth plans to your Amazon account through data integrity and pure Amazon experience.

Our clientele helps us source and piece together different strategies and techniques, common problem areas, strategies to fix that help us grow and build brands across every category on Amazon. Our proven experience, resulting in revenue growth, allows us to build a strategy and roadmap for your own success on the platform.

We think that Amazon should be one of the most important parts of your eCommerce strategy – your business deserves a clear understanding of all metrics, to help you quickly plan and predict your highest ROI next move so you can grow your business and skip the learning curve of selling on Amazon.

The Lab 916 Proven Account Audit Process

1. We begin by doing a complete drill down

Identifying Problem Areas on your account

2. Catalog your account errors and build plan for re-structure

Strategy and discussion

3. Recommendations

Our Key Focus Areas

We focus your audit to review all sections including:

What to expect?

Your audit is delivered within 5 business days of your purchase. When you buy an Amazon account audit from Lab 916, we will reach out to you within 24 hours after e-mail to get account access then your new team at Lab 916 will take lead here to build your Amazon account.

We will also answer any further questions or ideas you may have from this audit, as well as future partnerships between your company and ours to grow.


We do not turn a profit on our audits – we use this as a sign of trust building between our agency to yours so we can align our vision for a greater future plan.

We offer one simple audit pricing for review of our 3 recommendations on your account to begin our partnership.

Amazon Account Audit

Full seller central or vendor central audit for top 3 ASINs
$ 750 One-time fee to audit your top 3 ASINs
  • Your audit will be delivered 5 business days as a PDF document
  • All audits are customized specifically for your business
  • We include a 30 minute Q&A session after audit is delivered

Frequently Asked Questions

A member of Lab 916 will reach out to you via e-mail to begin getting account access and client permissions to your account. Once confirmed that we have proper permissions, we will take care of the rest and begin researching and building your new account plan.

We will need at a minimum:

  • Seller central account access
  • Admin permissions on certain views
  • Access to your 3rd party software if needed

It will be a 30 minute consulting, where we can discuss anything about your business and we can go over questions from your audit.