Account Management

Account Management

Our most popular service is monthly account management where our team takes over all of your amazon operations to ensure the growth and support of your entire Amazon account

Grow With Us

We prefer long-term partnerships with our clients.As our team grows and better understands your business, we work together as an extension of your own team to ensure things are done properly for your individual business needs on Amazon. This service is perfect for sellers who don’t have enough time or lack resources and expertise for micro-level management.

Outperform Your Competition

We take proactive steps to leverage Amazon’s technologies on your behalf. As your sales grow, you’re presented with the fixed cost of doing business on Amazon to secure ongoing profits and scale.

Professional Guidance & Support From Amazon Experts

Our dedicated account managers help you stay up-to-date on all aspects of company strategy, sales numbers, and more with monthly meetings and performance updates to inform your next moves.

Overview Of Services




Comprehensive Solutions

Resolve account setup issues immediately and receive professional guidance as we walk you through the ins-and-outs of registering and setting your up account.

Navigate the extensive procedure of registering your brand with our experts. Lab 916 account management team will take charge of managing all aspects of the process. And, we help protect your brand from hijacking, counterfeiters, and unauthorized sellers.

Expand your inventory opportunities and reduce competition. If you want to sell in any of the restricted categories, we will take care of the approval process and get you ungated to sell profitable products in restricted categories.

Remove unwanted, negative reviews.
We take charge of resolving customer problems and responding/cleaning up your reviews and feedback within Amazon’s time limit.

Let us handle case logs. We’ll take over as the primary contact between you and Amazon Seller Support to provide regular updates on cases- handling everything including creating, submitting, managing, responding, and following up with cases.

We keep up with the latest compliance standards, brand registry, IP accelerator, and more to ensure you have the proper documentation and your brand is functioning according to Amazon requirements.

We handle all processes involving your product listings, from adding and editing items, creating and organizing variations, setting up bundles, doing bulk and parent-child listings, down to adding essential and relevant product-specific details like SKU, content, search terms, attributes, and more.

We’ll manage all aspects of inventory and resolve issues regarding stranded and suppressed inventory, update you of low inventory products, out-of-stock products, and high selling products, and create FBA shipments and manage other details that contribute towards winning the buy box.

We are here to make sure your account is operating at peak performance. Whichever route you choose to sell on Amazon, we will monitor your account from end to end to ensure the performance and metrics are up to Amazon standards.

Get Started Pricing

Tier 1

Perfect for accounts with less than $100,000 in revenue per month

10% of sales for
For 1 year on Amazon

Tier 2

Perfect for any account with over $50,000 in revenue per month

Evaluated based on your account