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Are Your Sales Going Down?

When sales start to dwindle, sellers often launch a deal or ramp up spend on advertising without finding and understanding the truth behind poor sales. This lack of insight costs sellers a lot of money and lowers their chances of achieving sustainable returns along the way.

Using our effective data-driven approach, Lab 916’s Amazon experts will diagnose factors affecting the health of your Seller Account as well as suggest tailored improvements to help secure long-term sales growth. 

Uncover the root cause of poor Amazon sales with a Lab 916 Amazon Account Audit.

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Schedule your

Easily select the ideal cost-effective plan for your needs and schedule your audit in less than 5 minutes.


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In just 72 hours, receive in-depth video analysis and a full report revealing tailored steps from our experts to easily implement.


Maximize your profits

After applying the insights from our specialists, witness your conversion rates skyrocket without increasing your ad expenditure.


Best-in-class Amazon account analysis

Discover the Lab 916 approach to Amazon audits:

Specific Detailed Analysis

Enjoy in-depth account research based on real-time advanced data analytics to give you exact strategies for measurable improvements.

Trusted Amazon Experts

Our team of specialists have become leading experts in navigating the Amazon system with a track-record of tangible long-term success for our clients.

Accessible & Friendly

Gone are the days of feeling like Amazon success is somehow only for the select few. We make improving your sales fast, fun and hassle-free.

Data-Backed Approach

Our proprietary data suite is powered by high-performance AI and fused with the marketing expertise of our full-service team.

Cost-Friendly Success

Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Our a la carte services reduce costs to provide you with all the affordable growth you need, right when you need it. 

Complex Account Resolutions

We specialize in solving the most complex account issues that other companies can’t handle, including Buy Box issues, account suspensions, and more. 

Better quality content = better sales.

The power of optimized PPC

Product campaigns are thoroughly reviewed for brand alignment and undergo comprehensive review for areas of optimization. Lab 916’s analysis covers current promotional efforts as well as Amazon PPC performance to determine effective strategies that drive increased traffic to your products.

Want to know your true profit margin after ad spending? Are your ads set up with the best tactics for your niche? 

Our Amazon account audit can give you all the answers to these questions and more.


Our audits reveal your
hidden sales goldmines

Unlock the route to optimal Amazon success:

Comprehensive video analysis

Receive a 15-30 minute video from our Amazon optimization specialists, outlining actionable high-impact strategies tailored to your unique business.

Full account health report

Access a full breakdown of the data insights and expert analysis used to diagnose areas of improvements for your brand

Actionable checklist

Enjoy a custom list of actions available to create meaningful improvements to your brand and listings. 

Quick delivery

Request your audit today and within just 72 working hours, receive your comprehensive page breakdown, video analysis, full report, and checklist tailored to your Amazon business.

Measurable results

Implement our straightforward recommendations to witness immediate improvements in conversion rates, average order value, and overall return on ad spend.


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"They helped us double our ROI on Amazon, and their dedicated team was always there to support us through the journey."
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We’re proud to say our clients work with us for 5+ years on average!

The Best Amazon Agency​

“Lab 916 Amazon services have beat out every other Amazon agency I have ever worked with in the past 10 years. Vince is a really smart guy and his team has helped us with Amazon issues and strategy, web marketing, and more. We consider Lab 916 to be part of our team.”

Anthony Qaiyum​

Founder of Smallflower Apothecary

They have helped increase my Amazon sales exponentially

“Lab 916 is the real deal. They are a pleasure to work with, as you can tell the care about growing the business and not just taking a consulting fee. I have found [the] team to be experts and a great partner assisting our growth.”

Chris Johnson​​

Founder & CEO of Rapid Brands

They take the day-to-day stress of managing our Amazon channel off our team​

“The team at Lab 916 worked through each issue, keeping us in the loop at all times and ultimately enabling us to be named the #1 new release on Amazon within 7 weeks on the platform. With Lab 916’s help, we’ve completely sold out multiple times.

Richard Lindeman​

CEO of NxtBar

4x our sales within 6 months of our work with them​

“LAB 916 are among the best for Amazon FBA / Shopify / Seller & Vendor launch. They are fast, efficient, communicative. They’ve provided solid advice on our GTM strategy and how best to drive sales. They are easy to work with and I highly recommend them.”

Aalap Shah​​

Founder of 1o8

Lab 916 has helped my company quickly and efficiently​​

“We’ve seen our sales triple over the past 6 months with ongoing support and consultation from Lab 916 to help us with our FBA shipments and Amazon international expansion plans.”

David Roche​

Owner at Tint World Automotive Styling centers

The value they provide for their services trumps any other agency​

“Full suite Amazon services. A+ Design services, and competent, professional group. The value they provide for their services trumps any other agency.”

Victor Chor​

Founder of InfinaCore

Highly recommended​

“The team at Lab 916 were extremely helpful in providing the assistance we needed. [The team] provided insights and direction in areas we hadn’t previously thought of. We have already made plans to work together more.”

Teryn Driver​

Owner at Parkway Essentials

Helped take our Amazon business to the next level​

“Lab 916 has helped take our Amazon business to the next level. We continue to partner with the company and we are pleased with the exceptional results this company has helped us achieve.”

Richard Wilbur​

CEO of Wilbur Packing Company Inc.


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We are Amazon sellers, just like you, who have spent years amassing results-driven expertise along with a mastery of the platform. Through our experience, we have become leading-edge sellers on Amazon and we now work to pass our success on to you. 

Trust in our proven results when it comes to branding, building storefronts, managing products, and marketing for your Amazon business. We’ve helped thousands of brands globally to get the most from their product listings on Amazon. 

We’re here to make your brand shine and take the guesswork out of success on Amazon.

Our Work

Key factors at the heart of long-term Amazon success

Charge ahead of the pack with our intelligent approach to selling:

Make the most profit as a new seller

Amazon Account Audits are perfectly suited to help new sellers evaluate planned product listings, storefronts, logistics and much more. Save yourself the headache of unforeseen issues that can affect your bottom line right out of the gate.

The success of tomorrow depends on the efforts taken today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click to order your audit and from there, simply submit your URL – we’ll be right back to you within 72 hours!

Absolutely! Check out our previous case studies to see the gains made from our many other account audits!

We focus on Amazon audits to fully utilize our earned expertise and provide actionable tips to increase revenue, decrease your CPL, and much more. 

Consider two scenarios: In both scenarios, you spend $2,000 a month on Amazon marketing. In scenario one, you achieve a fair 2% conversion rate. In scenario two, you reach a 6% conversion rate. With optimized Amazon listings and intelligent advertising strategy, the same $2,000 marketing budget yields better results without having to up your spend. For each additional percentage point increase in conversions, ROI is then enhanced. Therefore, to maximize ROI on your Amazon marketing budget, it is essential to have the highest conversion rate possible. We’re the experts here to help you achieve that.

Absolutely – we are happy to implement changes on your behalf as well as discuss how we can best fit your needs as a seller. 

Many businesses spend big bucks on conversion rate experts that spend months relying on guesswork as well as trial and error.

Fortunately, we’ve been doing this since 2003 and have developed an Amazon conversion rate framework that consistently delivers results. A 15-30 minute video analysis enables us to provide you with a high-impact actionable checklist that’s ready for implementation without having to pay top dollar. 

Yes, your audit is 100% private and protected. We will never share your audit, video, or reports with anyone you and your authorized representatives. 

Yes, you can request for periodic audits. It is best to have your account audited every three (3) months to ensure that everything is on track. For the ultimate ease, sign-up for our a la carte Amazon management service so you don’t have to worry about carrying out the recommended action plans yourself. Lab 916’s in-house team will keep your account and ad efforts optimized at all times. 


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"The guidance we received from Lab 916 more than doubled our Amazon sales within a few days and tripled it within just a few weeks."
Donovan Cardief
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