Amazon A+ Content

Make the most of your brand registry by taking advantage of one of the most effective and proven ways to improve your Amazon listing for conversion, and give your traditional FBA description a sophisticated refurbishing.

Lab 916’s Amazon A+ content will make your presence felt amongst your competitors.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Typically, without brand registry, the product description area underneath your main product thumbnail is using the older-style Amazon descriptions where you can only use text to further describe your product.

This presents many problems as the latest A+ content features allow you to dramatically improve your listing with the ability to add videos, GIFs, and high resolution pictures to further increase your branding and product quality on your listing. Without these features, you are at a dramatic disadvantage from your competitor listings.

Why is A+ Content important?

The most important reason to get A+ content is because Amazon claims that adding A+ Content to a product listing can increase sales by an average of 3% to 10%.

One of the most obvious and important benefits of A+ Content is better branding. You can fill this section with exciting, branded graphics and share your brand’s story, differentiating you from competitors to build trust and interest with online shoppers.

Another key benefit is improving discoverability. In A+ Content, you can add bulleted lists, put emphasis on headlines and body content with bold and italics, and include backend SEO content on all images that are indexed by traditional search engines.

Combined, these factors improve consumer confidence and make your product more discoverable on search engines outside of Amazon, including Google. 

A+ Content Design Process

1. Research and Development

Creative Design

2. Your Copywriting and Design Team Begins


3. Check for Accuracy

Our Key Focus Areas

Our main goal with your Amazon A+ design:

What to expect?

After you complete onboarding, it typically takes us about 14 days to design and get your approval for A+ content design. Your A+ content is delivered in a zipped document for your business use – such as social media. We will also help upload your A+ content to your project and fix any upload errors related to content.

After your A+ content is uploaded, your listing will be fully optimized if combined with our Amazon Image Optimization product.


Amazon A+ Content Design

A custom branded enhanced content for your Amazon listing
$ 1250 One-time fee for custom A+ content design
  • Your A+ content is custom created by our in-house design
  • All designs are made with optimized keywords and custom images
  • Conversion-focused design to increase your sales

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event that our A+ content submission for your brand is rejected for any reason, we will happily go back and revise the content in order for approval. 

Our team will make the first attempt to upload the A+ content to your ASINs. Typically, this is a smooth approval process with Amazon and requires no extra work. In the event that your account has catalog issues and the ASINs do not match to your brand registry, then we can utilize our Amazon Troubleshooting Service via this page to happily troubleshoot and fix this catalog issue for you so that we can easily upload your A+ content.

Lab 916 uses our own customized approval process where our team works with you to ensure your approval. In the unlikely event that you request drafts, we will certainly assist you. Our goal is to make sure that your optimized listing is setup efficiently so you can begin to reap the benefits of organic traffic and higher conversion rates faster. 

Our team has our own custom approval process that happily includes 1 revision per design. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the first draft of the design, we will happily take in your accounts for revisions and edits. Typically, we recommend no edits in order to upload the A+ content quickly and get you the results from this updated feature on your listing. 

If your product has multiple variations (in color, size, scent, flavor, pack) then we typically recommend that we design the A+ content to fit as many of these products as possible so that we can use one A+ content design for a variety of your ASINs. In the event that you want a separate design for each style, you can inquire further for a bundled price.